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We can set up and support over 2,000 Windows laptops and high-quality monitors.

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Exam Ready Computers and Monitors

We maintain a specialised storage facility with a vast inventory of more than 2000 laptops specifically chosen for exam delivery purposes. Our inventory also includes monitors, keyboards, mice, and cables to cater to all your exam needs. Each unit is carefully packaged in robust containers and flight cases ensuring safe transport to the venue. In the rare event of a device failing our quality checks, we ensure we have enough spare units in stock to guarantee that no candidate is left without a device.

Support for Multiple Exam Platforms

Throughout the years, our clients have utilised a wide range of test delivery platforms, including multiple choice, essay response, technology-enhanced items, and advanced accountancy-based performance tests. At TEAMCo, we have the expertise and experience to assist in delivering all these types of exams and more. We're confident that our hardware will match the delivery specification of your chosen platform. Not sure which platform to use? We can provide you with advice based on our experience of the assessment technology market.