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Every exam is different. We understand that. That's why we take the time to listen to your objectives and work with you to agree on what makes a successful exam event.

Higher Education

We've seen a rapid increase in exam teams looking for support as they transition to a new era of computer-based testing. We've built a solid reputation for providing large-scale test events local to campus.

Awarding Organisations

Our awarding organisation clients know that we can be relied upon to provide professional venues in the UK and around the world, with seats for 1 to 2,000 candidates.

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Tom and Steve

Venues in locations to match your exam requirements

Over the last ten years, we've created an incredible database of audited exam venues. This provides us with a unique set of venue data which we can use to pick suitable locations for optimal candidate experience and budget.

The right spaces

We can help you select suitable spaces to give your candidates the test day they deserve.

Optimum value

We can design the venue layout to accommodate as many seats as possible while being comfortable and secure.

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Large scale exam delivery

Laptops, monitors, and people to look after them

Organisations that opted for just hiring generic devices for their exams have soon realised that it takes more than just hardware to deliver a successful test programme.

Exam spec devices

High-stakes computer-based exam platforms often require a higher spec of device than is common to most learning environments. We can confidently supply you with over 2,000 of our Windows laptops plus monitors, which we know will work with your exam platform, helping to ensure a smooth and consistent test experience for all candidates.

People power

We can support your test event with experienced technical staff accustomed to working with different testing platforms. They can provide technical assistance whilst providing additional invigilation support.

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Professional support
Our awesome features

Invigilators ready to support your in-person or remote exams

Not all organisations can access a large enough team of trained and independent invigilators for their exam events. We have more than 275 trained and experienced invigilators ready to support your programme.


Each team member has experience working within a high-stakes testing environment, and many are former or part-time educators.


Sudden surges in your exam delivery programme can become a burden that is difficult to accommodate when relying on your internal staff. Our invigilation team can support any increase in demand.

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University College London
2023 Large-Scale Digital Assessment Pilot

In May 2023, University College London (UCL) boldly ventured into uncharted territories for academic assessments in 2023.


“You can do almost anything if you are working in a small operation. But when working to the size and scale of UCL such as this for UCL, success is always dependent on the scalability of the solution.”


"Delivering in-person online assessments at scale provided UCL with some critical learning opportunities."


"We were able to observe the operation, and we were immediately impressed by how slick and calm it was, and I knew then that was the team I wanted to work with.”

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